1. to read or study with steady attention
2. to gaze earnestly or steadily
3. to meditate or ponder intently

Pore is dedicated to producing one of a kind, handmade art objects for the home. Each piece is individually and thoughtfully designed, hand dyed, handwoven and constructed by artist Perry Lewis in her Brooklyn, NY studio.

The underlying current throughout Pore’s aesthetic is one of melded memories; whimsical, sometimes ghostly, iterations of landscapes and environments from the artists past are achieved through a dyeing and weaving technique that creates staggered, uneven lines. This method enhances the concept of fading memories, time-altered perspectives and the unwavering ability of the mind to adjust and amend the past to make it more palatable, more beautiful. 

For each piece, warp painting techniques are used to dye 100% cotton yarn, which is then woven on the artists floor loom. There is an unmatched intimacy and involvement with this dyeing and weaving process that is palpable in each product.